Speaking about JBK Brown Sugar Savers

They are about 2 and 1/4 inches across. And by the way--they absolutely work as described. After using them to keep brown sugar from drying out, we also use one to keep popcorn kernels from going too dry--they pop way better, larger, fluffier. ALSO I have a DVD/CD disk printer that has ink-jets... in our very dry part of the country--you guessed it--they get dried out between uses. In my home based business, I print a bunch of disks. Anyway, when done with printer, I make it go to a "change the cartridge" mode, take out the ink cartridges, power off disk printer, until next time. Then I place the 2 ink cartridges in an empty plastic Velveeta container, with one of these freshly soaked (and dabbed off) disks inside. Dramatic difference--almost never have to make the disk printer do a "clean and test" routine. Ink cartridges stay moist. These little "brown sugar savers" continually find new uses here in the Mojave desert area.

K R Bannon

Seacoast Online

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article

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Utah, United States

I was so happy it works great!


I just wanted to thank you for your comment...and pointing out your great website! By the way, two years ago I bought several Pot Minders for myself and others because I thought it was a great idea. I was so happy it works great! And a miracle occurred: my mother in law actually uses it (and still uses it)!


Robin Herbst

"We love the way the brown sugar saver keeps our mini-marshmallows fresh for so long!"

BC, Canada

"..I purchased some similar items from another company earlier in the year but when I saw and tested your item I liked it better..."

Shelley D      
Michigan, USA

"I am especially pleased to find the Pot Minder as I have been looking for those. Those things are fantastic!"

Daffodil H      
Mississippi, USA

"Your things are wonderful. I will keep this in mind...and put it as a favorite to come back to."

Patty H      
West Virginia, USA

Very pleased with my pot minder


"Yes, the pot minder is magic!
Just a quick note to tell you how very pleased I am with my pot minder!
I bought it here in Sweden a few weeks ago and am now using it every day. I will recommend it to all my friends, be sure!"


Eva Andersson      
Stockholm, Sweden

"Very nice cookie stamps! I love them!"

Mendocino B     
Oklahoma, USA

"A MUST item for Harley owners. [referring to the JBK Mr Harley Sunface]
I'm HAPPY. Nice people."


James H      
California, USA

"Your Products are an excellent fit. We have them on our list of new products to purchase for our next line up."

Alexa R      
Texas, USA

"The Brown Sugar Savers work really well with beef jerky, too!"

Sales Rep Owner      
Colorado, USA

"Wonderful! Great Product. Friendly quick service. Would buy again."

 Darylann B     
 Illinois, USA

Quality things we need!


"...I was lucky enough to receive a "Brown Sugar Saver" from a friend recently, and now I want to gift all my other friends and family as well! All of your products on your website look great, so I've got gift ideas for awhile now! Thanks so much for your help!!!! And thanks so much for making good products that really work...and last...and really seem "green"...and really are quality things we need!!!!!!"

Leslie N      
Colorado, USA

"Could you e-mail me and let me know where you sell your products. I really like the one product I bought, but I am interested in purchasing more."

Diana B      
Missouri, USA

"I love your brown sugar saver..."

Emily W      
Texas, USA

"....wonderful idea and beautiful product...."

Carol O      
Minnesota, USA

"My wife loved it!
[referring to a JBK Frog ceramic Nature wall tile]"


 Jose T      
New York, USA

"Incredibly nice, efficient and fast. great item. Couldn't be happier."

Michael N      
Wisconsin, USA

"Cute item. Safely packed. Good Communication."

 Barbara E      
Missouri, USA

"Received quickly, well packaged, exactly as described."

David S      
Ontario, Canada

"Very pretty cookie stamps, well packed."

Esther T      
California, USA

"Super fast response, shipped the same day, awesome product!!!!"

Kimberly M      
Nebraska, USA

"Love the cookie stamps"

Sharon M      
Mississippi, USA

"Thank you for your prompt attention.......what a lovely and unexpected surprise!
Again, thank you."


Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for your reply. I really like your products....."

Nancy L      
Ontario, Canada

"Excellent response and shipment--Highly recommend!"

Ron W
Texas, USA

"Fast shipping, great cookie stamps. Thanks"

Robyn G
New Mexico, USA

Superior Product!


The BEST performing cookie stamps in my collection - even better than Brown Bag. These season well to prevent sticking, unlike some I own, and the deep impressions of these cookie stamps make better designs than most

Jacqueline B
Tennessee, USA