JBK Pottery

JBK Pottery – Soften hard brown sugar, Keep pots from boiling over, Press or Stamp cookies, Keep bread warmer, FREE cookie recipes and hints!!!


Welcome to the JBK Pottery Website!  Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and take a look around!  Have you been plagued with hard brown sugar?  We have your solution – a Brown Sugar Saver terra cotta disk.  Do your pots boil over when you leave them alone for just a minute?  It sounds like you need a Pot Minder! Are your cookies boring?  Why not stamp them with a JBK Cookie Stamp, and perk them up with a cheerful design?


Our JBK kitchen gadget items have proven to be very popular and are great sellers. A few of these items include our:

  • Brown Sugar Savers – Soften rock hard brown sugar and keep dried fruit, popcorn, and marshmallows fresh!
  • Pot Minders – Keep pots from boiling over on the stove when heating potatoes, pasta, or milk!
  • Cookie Stamps (Regular and Christmas) – For a special baking experience. Each package includes a recipe!
  • Bread Warmers – Keep bread and buns warm in a cloth lined basket!

Check out our other Kitchen items, and don’t forget our Home and Garden Products, too!

We sincerely appreciate customer feedback – See Testimonials – and encourage Comments regarding our products and service or how we can better assist you. We also look forward to answering any questions you may have about ceramics. 

We look forward to you contacting us by email, phone, or post with your ideas.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and incorporated in 1979, JBK Holdings Inc. and JBK Pottery are dedicated to optimizing Customer Service through the production, sale, and distribution of Home & Kitchen ceramic products. 

Through the years, JBK has produced many innovative products ranging from ceramic ballistic armor, ceramic wear parts for the major resource industries throughout the world, and more recently, many decorative and functional kitchen and gift products. 

Our mission is to continue to offer innovative ceramic products and dedication to customer service.