I have the opposite problem. My salt and spices retain moisture and become clumpy. Do you have a solution for that?

Answer: Yes, the Brown Sugar Saver can also be heated and completely dried in the oven, cooled, and then placed in a sealed container with salt or spices to keep them dry by absorbing excess moisture.

Sometimes the brown sugar in contact with the Brown Sugar Saver™ turns white, is that common?

Answer: It is not common but it can happen and is usually a sign of too much moisture. Make sure the Brown Sugar Saver or the Brown Sugar Pillow are just sitting on top of the brown sugar and not in it. Also make sure that the Brown Sugar Saver is patted dry after soaking and before placing it on the brown sugar.  What is happening is that the excess moisture is washing the dark molasses from the sugar crystals leaving them as “white sugar” or sucrose.

What is the difference between the Brown Sugar Saver™ and the Brown Sugar Pillow™?

Answer: Both JBK products work very effectively to soften rock hard brown sugar and keep it soft. The Brown Sugar Saver will work slightly faster at softening smaller quantities of hard brown sugar and should last up to 3 months. The Brown Sugar Pillow will take slightly longer to soften rock hard brown sugar (normally a couple of days) but will keep larger quantities of brown sugar soft for a longer period of time, usually up to 6 months.

Can the Brown Sugar Pillow™ freshness packets be used more than once?

Answer: It is not recommended that the packets be used more than once because they become much less effective and will not soak up water the same way after the first use. At least one extra packet is included with the purchase of a Brown Sugar Pillow and extra freshness packets can be purchased from JBK if required.

How does the Pot Minder™ work?

Answer: The Pot Minder is made from specially formulated food safe ceramic materials and is heat treated to result in a material that is completely non-porous to prevent any danger of absorption and bacteria growth. The principle behind the Pot Minder’s function involves a ceramic product with a carefully designed surface, size and density to modify the formation, size and number of bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot. This results in less vigorous boiling. When boiling begins, the Pot Minder will also chatter on the bottom of the pot and act as a reminder that boiling has started. It is interesting that for centuries, our ancestors used small river rocks in pots to serve the same function.

How can I clean my Pot Minder™ and Brown Sugar Saver™?

Answer: A Pot Minder can be washed in the dishwasher since it is non-porous and will not soak up any dish-washing soap. The Brown Sugar Savers can be cleaned by hand with hot water and a tooth brush.

Can the Bread Warmer be heated in the Microwave?

Answer: We don’t recommend this method of heating for the Bread Warmer, but it can be heated in the oven, toaster, or barbecue. Please use oven mitts or tongs when handling the heated bread warmer.

Why don’t my cookies have a sharper design after I’ve used my Cookie Stamps?

Answer: Please make sure you use a cookie recipe which has no leavening agents, such as yeast, baking powder, or baking soda. We recommend using some of the cookie recipes on our website. It also helps to chill the cookie dough first.

How can I clean my cookie stamps?

Answer: A tooth brush and hot water are ideal for cleaning your cookie stamps. Let completely dry and store until next time.

How does the Brown Sugar Pillow™ work?

The Brown Sugar Pillow freshness packet contains crystals that will absorb a defined amount of water and will release this moisture into low humidity environments over a period of time. All materials are certified food safe.

How does the Brown Sugar Saver™ work?

It is made from a specially compounded blend of heat treated, food safe clays designed to absorb and retain moisture and release and distribute it evenly over a period of time. It can be washed, dried out, re-soaked, and used over and over again.

Do you have a Catalog?

We certainly do. Please feel free to view it here!